Saturday, September 30, 2017


When I first moved to northern Colorado, I saw some signs on the nearby river calling it the "Cashe De La Poudre River".  Since I was from Albuquerque, I mentally pronounced it with a Spanish inflection.  It sounded beautiful to me.

One day at work, one of my friends said "I took my wife up the pooder over the weekend."  I told him I did not want to hear that shit.  Consenting adults and all was fine, but don't tell me about it at work.  He looked confused, and then said "No, I took her for a drive up highway 14 up the river.  The Cash de la Pooder."

"Pooder?" I said.  "I wouldn't name a cat Pooder."

Two weeks later a black cat moved in with me.  I called him "Pooder".

I had him 20 years before he died.  I still miss him.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ashes and Dust, Here I Come

A couple weeks ago I was wandering through a discount store and found myself singing along with the background music.  "Great" I thought, "I'm singing along with elevator music".  (In my defense, it WAS a Beatles song.)

This morning I found that "Queen" had released an old, previously unreleased, faster version of one of their '70's hits.  When I clicked on the link, an ad came up before the song started.  AARP.  An AARP ad came up before the music video I wanted to watch.


It's official. 

I am old.

And no, I'm not going to tell you whether or not I watched the ad.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Zen to One

I have noticed, you just about NEVER see a joke about Buddhists.


Okay, just not funny ones. 


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Point of View

In my current job, I do some light bartender duties.  And the customers will talk to me for advice or just to vent. 

Recently a gal was complaining about another gal she was running a business with  and ended her rant with "I guess I should never talk with her on the day I start my period."

In my best barkeep manner to told her "I'm just glad I'm a guy so I don't have to worry about that.  But I'm REALLY glad I'm not a chicken.  They have about 20 periods a month, and the unfertilized egg THEY pass is the same size a a full term birth."

She left saying she wasn't sure if that made her feel better or worse.

I call that a win.


Saturday, April 9, 2016

Another Epiphany

Sitting down a few nights ago, and having a couple fingers of whiskey, I realized something.  I have always thought of myself as "pro-choice" as far a abortion goes.  That said, I have never had sex with a woman whose children I wanted to kill.

But the not wanting to kill thing does not necessarily apply to all of my ex-lovers.

I'm "selectively post natal pro abortion".


Thursday, April 16, 2015

More Insites into BLM Activities

Our staff has uncovered evidence that the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) is actually being headed and staffed by aliens bent on world domination, the  elimination of human life on our planet and THE END OF THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE!!!

Over the years our crack staff has uncovered a number of OBVIOUSLY ILLEGAL and VERY SUSPICIOUS undertakings by the members of the BLM cult.

They alternately allow the rape of the land by BIG OIL and BIG MINING companies for little or no recompense to the American citizens, or they ACTIVELY PREVENT the development of our National Resources fostering dependance on FOREIGN COUNTRIES for our energy and mineral needs!

They are also responsible for allowing HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of USELESS FERAL HORSES to run on BLM managed land, competing with the millions of cattle that graze on that same property.  Then they will FORCE BIRTH CONTROL on these horses by darting them with BIRTH CONTROL CHEMICALS!  They will also CHASE THESE BEAUTIFUL WILD HORSES with helicopters (we suspect they are using the black helicopters borrowed from the "others" at the United Nations) and using "Judas" horses--their name, not ours-- they TRICK the mustangs into holding pens, TO SELL TO THE UNSUSPECTING AMERICAN PUBLIC!

The BLM is trying to do an impossible job, and they just won't quit.  THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG HERE!

It is time for all Americans to STAND UP and WHINE about the job they are doing.


A Gentle Reminder...

Friday, October 24, 2014

In my current line of work, I deal with a lot of "women's groups", and am often the only male in attendance.  I don't know if you have spent much time near groups of females, but the conversation often turns to "plumbing problems".

Now when guys talk about plumbing problems, it's usually about "sweating joints" or "threading the iron pipe" or "plunging for 20 minutes"  or "snaking out the line".  None of which are as interesting as they sound.

When women talk about plumbing problems, they are talking a little closer to home.  THEIR plumbing.  And the conversations usually devolve to horror stories involving childbirth.

This morning, I figured out how to trump their "greatest pain ever" stuff.

I told them that I had heard that a man getting kicked in the testicles experiences far more pain than a woman giving birth.  And a proof, I said that a couple years after getting kicked in the nuts, he will NEVER tell his wife "You know dear, I think you should kick me in the balls again..."


Saturday, February 22, 2014

An Epiphany

I have come to a realization about myself.  I am a straight, heterosexual male (no, that is not the epiphany).  I have realized that I am not ambivalent about gay marriage.  I am actively PRO gay marriage.

My reasoning is thus-

Every time you see a male couple going down the street in a committed relationship, that means there are two females that are now available.  I see no down side to that, personally.

And with the female homosexuals/lesbians...  really, what straight man doesn't think that's kinda hot?


Monday, October 14, 2013

Change the Names to Protect the Innocent

I have heard that the NFL is contemplating name changes away from native American based monickers to keep from offending anyone.

Might I suggest changing the Washington DC team name from the Redskins to the Foreskins.

Who cares if any of the dickheads in that town are offended.