Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ford ad

Hear thee this.

I have witnessed for my Ford for all of my adult life, converting many followers of what I felt were the lesser trucks of Dodge and Chevy.  NEVER MORE!  I REPENT!  I AM HEALED! NEVER AGAIN SHALL I FORD MYSELF!

My tale is this-

A man I have spoken with for many years would never hear my words, even with great and long presusave arguments on my part, and continued to follow the Truck Of Chevy,  Of late he had a 2004 one ton.  Year last, it was touched by injector demons and was on it's bed of death when Chevy spoke and said "No way a diesel should die after 140,000 miles" and it was touched by the Chevy priests and became whole!  "No charge" they spoke "We have seen that you are a good and faithful follower, and we have extended your warranty to 200,000 miles as no diesel should last less".  A fortnight later mine Ford didth crap out. Demons in the injectors, in the fuel distributor, in the oil cooler, in the fuel pump, in the... .   The Ford priests did tell me "Yer truck's got 140,000 mile on it.  Yer warranty's up".

My Ford!  Why hast thou forsaken me?

Over the next 12 month, I was caused to tithe 10% of my company's GROSS income to Ford to have my truck resurrected, with many trips to the temple.  I called the high priests at Deerborn to seek scuore, saying "No way a diesel should die after 140,000 miles", but they spake thus "You should have bought the extended warranty".  Nay... I should have bought a Chevy.

That being said, here is your chance to "Learn The Hard Way"!  I will sell you a 2004 F350 with a 6.0 diesel for $32000 (I need that much to pay off my loan to get it running and have enough left over to buy a used Dodge or Chevy one ton). The truck is GREAT, but that 6.0 diesel...I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!

Cash only, in advance. No refunds. As is. No Warranty (HA!  Boy, I'll say) 
Have a nice day!

                              (I see they circled the problem)

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