Monday, March 1, 2010

Wanna kiss a frog?

I'm not sure I understand the new grooming stuff going on with men.  My high school biology teacher claimed
the 3 most notable differences setting mammals apart from other animals were: Three bones in the inner ear,
mammary glands and hair.  Can't say I care so much about ear bones, but I am all about hair and mammaries.  Ladies, if you are after hairless, go to a pet store and get yourself a fish.



How about a trip to the doctor for an orchiectomy.  The resulting loss of testosterone could complete your transformation to looking like a 12 year old.  You're on line.  Google it.


  1. Where did you learn such a big word? And use it correctly? Or was it from when someone you know worked for a Dick Doctor?

  2. Gelding just didn't seem quite...