Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Name in vain

A bishop and two priests walked into a bar.  Nope, not a joke. My bar, a couple months back.  Had the perfect opportunity to ask a theological question that has been eating away at me for years.

 Which comes closer to breaking one of the commandments.  Exclaiming "Oh Hell!" or "Good Heavens!"  Didn't ever get around to asking them, so I guess I'll just stick to my old standbys... bodily functions.  Kiss my mucus membranes, you phlegm hole.



  1. I assume you are referring to the taking the Lord's name in vain commandment. If so, I'd have to go with Good Heavens since it's a euphemistical substitute for Good Lord most of the time. It all in your intent. If you exclaim, "Dear Lord" and your intent is to get His attention to look at what's going on. That's kosher. It's a form of prayer. If, however, your intent is to substitute the Lord's name for your favorite expletive, not so kosher.

  2. K.-
    That's kind of what I figured. Guess I'll stick with excrement expletives. (And happy birthday! I'd sing to you but I can't... just ask anybody.)